Children’s Health Screening

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Children 6-9 years

Basic Health Screening Package

Height, weight and body mass index

Complete blood counts


These tests are commonly used to help determine general health and wellness.

Height, weight and body mass index (BMI) calculation.

A complete blood count (CBC) analyses the cells in our blood: red blood cells, white blood cells and platelets. As a result, CBC is frequently used to check for anaemia, blood disorders, infection and several other disorders.

A urinalysis is a set of chemical, microscopic and macroscopic analysis that can detect some common diseases. Therefore, it is used to screen for conditions such as urinary tract infections, kidney disorders, liver problems, diabetes or other metabolic conditions.

Download Leaflet Children Youth Health Screening here (pdf file)

Test type: blood and urine

No special preparation is needed.

Fasting is not required for the blood test.

A finger prick is used for these tests. As a result, the procedure is usually quick and easy, although it may cause some minor discomfort and go away shortly after the blood sample has been withdrawn.

A urine sample is required for this test which should be taken first thing in the morning. We can provide you with a container. Please write your name, date of birth, and date and time of the sample taken on the container and bring it to us for examination.

A laboratory test result is produced after a scientific analysis done on a sample to assess an individual health status.

An abnormal finding may (but not necessarily) indicate a problem that needs to be addressed. Therefore, we recommend that any abnormal result should promptly be consulted with your GP. Your doctor will evaluate the test results in the context of an overall clinical picture that takes into consideration your age, gender, ethnicity, family history, signs, symptoms, etc.

If you want to learn more how the results of your laboratory test help your doctor in understanding your health status, and in providing you with the right treatment; check:, a public resource on lab tests that is produced by AACC, a global scientific and medical professional organization dedicated to clinical laboratory science and its application to healthcare. Furthermore, you can also visit for information about health conditions. Please note that this information should not be a substitute for a consultation with your doctor.

Please contact us, we will be happy to clarify any questions pertaining to your test results.

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