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Leeuwenhoek believes in personalised care where YOU are part of the team that looks after your health.

We offer health screening by age/ gender, disease/ condition, or tailored to your specific needs. Blood taking, laboratory testing and analysis all happen in-house in compliance with strict quality and competency standards and regulations. Customers receive a personal report in 3 working days with a meaningful explanation of results in plain English. No waiting times, open early mornings and Saturdays, and no need for doctor’s referral.

Why health screening at Leeuwenhoek?


Most of us rather prevent now than fix later. Regular health screening allows you to identify health conditions in the earliest stages even before symptoms begin and when they are best treatable. The Irish healthcare system is under severe pressure. A lot of patients suffer conditions that could have been prevented had they been aware earlier. Awareness through proactive health screening is key to bringing these costs down and reducing waiting lists. But moreover, it will save you time and money later on while improving your quality of life.

Aware & Engaged

By collecting data about yourself, you become the authority of your body.” (Talithia Williams) Knowing your test results and their meaning gives you peace of mind. Today people talk about wellbeing and what it means to them. We believe that health awareness is key to improving this well-being and happiness. Want to be part of the team that decides what happens with your body? Or would you rather leave it all to your doctor? Regular health screening lets you monitor your health with real data. At Leeuwenhoek, you’ll receive all your results, not just the abnormal ones. In the report, we’ll explain what the results mean. You’ll be able to track improvements in many blood and urine markers but also in your blood pressure, BMI and cardiovascular risk.


Focussed on health risks

Leeuwenhoek’s Health Screening Packages are carefully designed to look at most common and serious conditions or diseases that affect the Irish population of today. You can choose a package focussing on a specific condition or disease, or a general package that looks at a combination of heart, liver, kidney, thyroid health and more. We gladly advise you on the package that suits you best. If you can’t find the exact package you’re looking for, you’ll be glad to know we can also offer a personally tailored combination of tests.


Flexible & Convenient

Our opening times allow you to call in whenever suits you best all year round without the need for a doctor’s referral. No more waiting in a doctor’s practice or queuing in out-patient departments. You can have bloods taken early mornings so you won’t have to fast for too long. For those who can’t make it on weekdays, we are also open on Saturday mornings. Most of our customers are eager to receive their results, especially when they’re concerned about symptoms they may have. Therefore, at Leeuwenhoek, we are committed to processing and analysing all samples without undue delay. Samples go directly to our in-house lab. This quick turnaround ensures results are most reliable. Through efficient processing by our competent personnel, we are able to examine, analyse, review and record results in a comprehensive report, all within 3 working days.

Packages carefully designed for age/gender, disease/condition (fatigue, bone, heart disease and more) or tailored to your specific needs.

Better and more focused insight than through regular ”bloods”.

Meaningful results explained in plain English.

No waiting times, open early morning.

Value for money.

Be proactive, Be in control. 

Prevention and early detection are your best defence.

Cut down on medical expenses and improve your quality of life! 

How it works

Find a health screening package

Our health screening packages are designed to fit needs according to age, gender and disease or condition. Find the package that is best for you. If you would like to include or exclude specific tests, just let us know at your appointment. Check if fasting or other preparation is needed before the test.

Book & Screen

          Bookings can be made online, by phone or by calling in. Appointments are usually in the morning, but we’ll try to accommodate you at other times if that suits you better.

Lab Analysis

Leeuwenhoek is compliant with the professional standards and regulations in laboratory testing to give you the best quality of care and customer experience. Registered and competent staff will test and analyse your samples in-house. We save costs and delay by avoiding the transport of the samples. Results will be more reliable because of this.

Report & Aftercare

Results are available in 3 working days. A report is sent to you by e-mail (password protected), post or you can personally collect. Results are confidential. If you have any questions about your test results, our healthcare professionals will happily clarify them. Click here to see an example report.

Our services include:

Blood taking

In-house analysis using state-of-the-art lab equipment and

Reporting within 3 working days (see sample report here)


see what they say…

I was very happy with the service, very professional and convenient. Leeuwenhoek helps me to be pro-active in my health concerns, it makes possible to easily stay on top of my wellness. Read more…

Michael, Ennis, Co Clare

“Leeuwenhoek provide a fantastic service – I needed a blood test to confirm a diagnosis I wasn’t sure of, got my bloods taken the same morning, and had the results that evening. The report was detailed and Dr. Laura was on hand to answer my questions.”

Patrick, Co Clare

Leeuwenhoek clinic provides a fantastic and convenient service for all types of blood testing. So customer friendly and they answer any questions you may have. I highly recommend this clinic. Read more…

Elizabeth, Co Clare

I did the comprehensive health screen. The results are ready in just 3 days and they’re clear and easy to understand. I did my screen on a Saturday which was great as I found it difficult to get time off work. Read more…

PJ, Connemara, Co. Galway

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Approved by Irish Life Health.
Check with your provider if our outpatient service is covered under your plan.