12 – 18 March: Nutrition & Hydration week

This is our opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of keeping hydrated and eating a nutritious diet to prevent malnutrition and improve health and well-being

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Health Screening

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8 March 2018

Kidneys & Women’s Health
Include, Value, Empower

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) affects ~10% of the worlds adult population and women are more likely than men to get it.

Find out if your kidneys are healthy by getting your blood and urine test:
Urea, creatinine, uric acid, sodium, potassium, chloride, eGFR and urinalysis

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Awareness, Prevention,
Detection & Treatment

Be aware of the symptoms: they are frequent
(happen more than 12 times a month), persistent & new:

Persistent bloating
Feeling full quickly and/or loss of appetite
Pelvic or abdominal pain
Needing to wee more urgently or often

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Cancer Screening

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About us

Leeuwenhoek offers health screening by age/ gender, or by disease/ condition, or tailored to your specific needs. Blood taking, laboratory testing and analysis all happen in-house in compliance with strict quality and competency standards and regulations. Customers receive a personal report that contains a meaningful interpretation of results in plain English. No waiting times, open early mornings and Saturdays, no need for doctor’s referral. 


Is Leeuwenhoek health screening for me?

Check Your Health with Flexibility and Convenience

Our early morning opening times are more practical. No need for health insurance or a doctor’s prescription. No more waiting in a doctor’s practice or queuing in out-patient departments. Just visit us and get insight about your cholesterol, glucose, inflammation and other health markers.

Stay on Top of Your Life

Our body’s metabolism is key in how we feel, our energy levels and our weight. Our Health Screening Packages help you to identify what’s preventing you from feeling your best.


Awareness and Peace of Mind

Your health is important because pursuing well-being means saving time and money later and enhances long-term quality of life. We know life is busy, so we will help you to get the blood works done before the start of the day and you will receive the results within 3 working days. Our Health Screening Packages allow you to check your heart, liver, kidney, thyroid health and more, thus preventing disease and keeping track of your health.


Identify Health Risks Even Before Symptoms Appear

Our health screening packages help you to identify if you are at risk of common and serious diseases or conditions in their earliest stages, even before the symptoms begin. This is when they are most and best treatable. Don’t wait until you feel sick; take control of your health.

Packages carefully designed for age/gender,  disease/condition (fatigue, bone, heart disease and more) or tailored to your specific needs Better and more focused insight than through regular ”bloods” Meaningful results explained in plain English  No waiting times, open early morning  Value for money

Be proactive, Be in control  Prevention and early detection are your best defence  Cut down on medical expenses and improve your quality of life! 

How it works

Find A Health Screening Package

Our health screening packages are designed to fit needs according to age, gender and disease or condition. Find the package that is best for you. Check if fasting or other preparation is needed before the test.

Book and Visit Us to Collect Your Sample

          Book your screening. This can be done online or by telephone. Appointments are in the morning, but we’ll try to accommodate a time most convenient for you to visit us.

Lab Analysis of Sample

Our qualified and registered staff will test and analyse your samples. Leeuwenhoek is compliant with the professional and regulatory standards in laboratory testing to provide you with the best quality care and customer experience.

Report & Aftercare

Results are generally available for collection within 3 working days. An electronic report will be sent to your e-mail (password protected) only on your request. The results are and will remain confidential. If you have any questions concerning to your test results, our registered healthcare professionals are happy to clarify them. Any questions regarding significant findings or abnormal results it is always recommended to be evaluated by your GP/ healthcare provider.

 Our service includes:

Blood taking

In-house analysis using state of the art lab equipment and

Reporting within 3 working days

64 Upper O'Connell Street, Ennis, Co. Clare
(beside Ennis Cathedral, under 1 hour from Galway, Limerick and Tipperary)

64 Upper O'Connell Street, Ennis, Co. Clare
(beside Ennis Cathedral, under 1 hr from Galway, Limerick and Tipperary)


Approved by Irish Life Health

Check with your provider if our outpatient service is covered under your plan.

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Approved by Irish Life Health.
Check with your provider if our outpatient service is covered under your plan.